From the very beginning, it is important to mention that we prefer planting the local tree species. Why? Besides air purification capacities, carbon storage and soil fixation, the trees in the local climax also serve to create natural habitats for local flora and fauna. Later, we choose tree species appropriate to the soil and the location context. Each species has its own specificity, which is why it is necessary to consult a specialist.

After making sure that the seedlings are extracted in a conscientious and safe way to get caught, its roots need to avoid contact with air, wind and sunlight. So, in this respect, we will be careful during the road from the melon to the planting site. Canvas cloths can be used to be sprayed from one time to another to protect the drying root. Done at the place and time of planting, each tree must be laundered and muddy.

How to plant correctly?

Our friend Viorel from We plan good deeds in Romania, shows us how we do these processes rightly!
Also, our friends across the Prut, show us how we plant a tree in a team of 2 people:

Following these recommendations, you significantly increase the chances of harvesting saplings and the fulfillment of the meaning of the planting action, and the results will confirm this.
Good luck!

Register Plantation
Once you have followed the planting instructions and planted you in the community, register to participate in "Million Trees Moldova Challange" So your planting will appear on the map and you, the organization or the company you represent, will appear in the section "Top planters"

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