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About us


Million Trees Moldova is a national collaboration platform between organizations, institutions and companies from different parts of the country who together have proposed to plant one million trees in the Republic of Moldova


The Million Trees initiative has emerged as an environmental project in different cities to increase shading and oxygen enrichment by planting a million trees. The cities currently involved in this initiative are: Los Angeles, New York City, Shanghai, London, Denver and Ontario. A common reason shared between these cities is to reduce the effects of global warming by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air.


Council Baltata

Finding out the project of A.O Eco-Tiras and A.O Rural Renovation in partnership with the Independent Environmental Issues Institute (UfU),


Get involved!

Do you want to give a hand to the environment? or to be an example for those around you, or do you want to develop certain capabilities and skills? or to discover new talents?

Or would you just like to make new friends and find a nice and useful way of spending your free time?

Just contact us and tell us what the reason for this visit is in our country!

Write us on milliontreesmd@gmail.com and team or phone number: +373 60268739