Milion trees Moldova

The aim of the project is to provide citizens of Moldova with a cleaner and sustainable environment for the welfare of future generations

Our values are:

  • Transparency
  • Dedication
  • Responsibility
  • The community
  • Care for the environment

The mission of the project is to create an inter-sector collaboration platform between non-profit organizations, administrations and commercial companies to plant and care for a million trees.

In our vision, we can live in a country where fauna and flora, soils and rivers will be protected by forests and forest curtains, and man will be more responsible and healthy.

1) Stopping and fixing areas affected by landslides by planting forest curtains along river banks, roads, farmland, and low-land plots.
2) Creating and preserving landscapes, habitats of flora and fauna species by creating ecological corridors, uniting forest branches and ensuring the movement of animals and birds in the region.
3) Improvement and rehabilitation of small riverbeds.

Our principles are based on a constructive and ecological activity, so we reserve the right to avoid collaboration and association with organizations and individuals compromised by committed actions, companies involved in illicit illicit forensic defamation, companies whose contribution to collaborative communication prevails in the actual contribution. We will also not allow plantations with political connotation.