Trees Benefits


  1. Every tree absorbs carbon dioxide, sulfur and other impurities to clean the air and enrich it with oxygen.
  2. As an air filter, the tree also purifies the soil by absorbing dangerous chemicals in the soil.
  3. Trees have the ability to filter household water and chemicals spilled into the river or even on the road.
  4. Trees absorb the noise of cars as well as that caused by trains and planes, reducing noise pollution.
  5. Trees prevent and reduce the effects of floods but also attract groundwater and surface water as well as absorb abundant precipitation.
  6. Capturing carbon from the air, the trees store it in branches and roots to store it in the soil.
  7. Trees shrink from high temperatures and the impact of heat waves, with the difference between the city and the forest being 4-5 degrees Celsius.
  8. Forest curtains act as a shield against strong winds. So people save about 30% of the energy resources for heating the house just because of the protection offered by the trees.
  9. Trees fix and prevent soil erosion. The roots of the trees strengthen the soil, while the leaves abduct the force of wind and rain.
  10. Both the trees and the parks, but especially the forests, form the ecological habitat for many species of flora and fauna.


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