Plantation in Popeasca

Another planting took place, this time in the village of Popeasca.

On the International Day of Wetlands and the signing of the Ramsar Convention, we draw our attention to our partners from the Biotica Ecological Society, which plant in the Ramsar National Site of the Popeasca Village.
The importance of wetlands is colossal and the benefits of protection from floods and erosions are enjoyed both by nature and human beings.
Unfortunately, these areas are also the most vulnerable among ecosystems and 64% of all wetlands in the world have disappeared in the last century, and each year we continue to lose 1% of the remaining wetlands
Today, it is never important for mankind to understand the value of wetlands and why it is so important to protect and preserve them for our well-being, the environment and the next generation.

Project: “Informing the population in order to strengthen management in the Ramsar area” Nistru de Jos “” implemented and financed under the Small Grants Program of the Global Environment Facility.

We thank everyone for your help and support!

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