Plantation in Mereni

The second planting of the “Million Trees Moldova” project and the first of the autumn season “Planting good deeds” took place between Mereni and Cimişeni. On a land of about 2 hectares, called by the locals and the “Oglindeşti”, after the name of the Boier whose estate was nearby, a hundred volunteers planted about 1,000 trees. The plot of planting is already in a afforestation project, by the local forester due to the increased need caused by soil erosion and relief degradation. Besides the variety of trees that already live together, we planted ash, lime, apple, poplar, elm, hornbeam, cherry and oak.

Thus, at the planting came the students from Mereni together with three young ambassadors of the European Union, the collectives of Tucano, Oliva, BioFlame, Creavita, Darwin and members of various local and capital organizations.
We thank everyone for your help and support!

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