Council Baltata

Finding out the project of A.O Eco-Tiras and A.O Rural Renovation in partnership with the Independent Environmental Issues Institute (UfU), regarding the “Small River Management in the Republic of Moldova according to the European Union standards”, we decided to participate. Relying on tree planting and environmental protection, we became partners and in March 2017 we succeeded in planting trees in Tohatin, a land that suffered from landslides that occurred in turn because of – activating the springs feeding the Bălţata River, a small river flowing into the Dniester. The state of the river and the low volume of water make it questionable whether it can be called a river or just a brook. But still “Bălălţata” remains a river.

Thus, according to art. 11 and 50 of the Water Law no. 272 ​​of December 23, 2011, together with the representatives of the UfU, the local authorities of the hydrographic basin, the representatives of the civil society, the Ecological Inspectorate and the Agency “Apele Moldovei”, on 7 September 2017, at You will, we have set up the “Bălţata” Sub-Basin Council. The purpose of this Council is to protect, rehabilitate and arrange the river through the cooperation of all members and a desire to act in this respect. Thus, in the “Bălţata” Sub-Basin Consulate, representatives from:

Tohatin City Hall, Budeşti City Hall, Bălţata City Hall, Bălăbăneşti City Hall, Criuleni Ecological Inspectorate, “Apele Moldovei” Agency, UfU Independent Environmental Issues Institute, A.O.Eco-Tiras, A.O.Renasterea Rural and A.O.Parcurile Viitorului

We are currently in the process of developing the 6-year activity plan and organizing planting of forest protection curtains and its tributaries to protect the stock and water quality.

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