Plantation in Tohatin

Over 3000 trees and shrubs, planted at Tohatin on a 4-hectare surface.


The third action “Planting good deeds in Moldova” was organized in Tohatin in the spring of 2017. On 25 March 2017, together with 250 people, representatives of companies, non-profit organizations, volunteers, locals and pupils of the school in Tohatin, over 3000 trees and shrubs have been planted on an area of ​​4 hectares.

Based on soil specificity, different species of trees were planted. On the slurry terraces were planted acacias, on the slope between the terraces – the mace and the corn. Below – wild cherry, ash, maple, and between them wood is bloody and bloody. Closer to the wet area that forms at the lowest point of the land, but which could not be planted because of the bovine part of the cattle, was planted. Near the land that was landfilled, birch trees were planted, and they were bordered by more mature birches. Lime and maple trees were also planted. During the plantings, the works were carried out on the basis of the planting scheme. Respectively, major saplings of 1-2 m were planted at a distance of +/- 5 meters.

The land for planting suffered from landslides. Subsequently the terrain was terraced and stabilized by an underground wall and a drainage system was set up to focus the spring water, which caused the slides in the spring of 2016. For these actions, from the state budget, the Local Public Authorities LPA spent a amounting to 18 million lei, and the works were completed in the summer of 2017. Also in autumn 2016, APL representatives planted shallow and poplar seedlings on a 1-hectare portion of the 5 hectare plot. After the works, the land was returned to another ground, foreign to the location, which was brought to the terraces and to the completion of the space from which the soil slipped.

At the same time, on 2 portions of the land, there were identified two Stychnic dumps. In the process of sanitation of the territory before planting, one of the garbage was closed by engaging with the Hai Moldova group and the Ecologist Club.

During the fieldwork it was found that it is surrounded by trees from the forest strip that stretches from Stăuceni. Thus, by planting the trees, it is desired to introduce the land into this strip. This is how the initiative began to contribute to the emergence of ecological corridors to preserve and create habitat for animal species, birds, insects, etc. that would be linked to the green corridors of the rural and urban areas.

Finally, the purpose of these plantings was to restore the afforestation of the river Bălţata, a tributary of the Nistru river, which has springs in the area of ​​plantation.

The continuity of these actions took the form of a pilot project by participating in the ViabilityNet 3.0 program, a program for participants from Central and Eastern Europe to train community leaders. Thus, during 2017-2018, the community in Tohatin will participate in a set of activities designed to draw the community’s attention to the environmental situation around the world, the environmental situation in their locality and their neighborhoods so that they can make an assessment of opportunities and threats. Towards the end of the project is aimed to consolidate a working group that will show interest and care towards the planted territory and will continue plantings in other localities.

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